Anything you need, we can write it

If you are looking for excellent work at a very reasonable price, then please hire me.

I believe that high quality and customer satisfaction are the most important factors for success.

So, feel free to contact me for discussing your needs and objectives . I’m a freelance graphic designer with more than 6 years of experience. Flyers design. Logo, pictures background change ,PDF BOOK WRITING.PDF CATALOG 


poster design

My specialty is creating custom logo designs for events, businesses, and Personal use.

Here at LEGIIT, I am offering my service on work related to data entry, data collection, virtual assistance, and data analysis.


High attention to detail and being punctual are my specialty.

I always focus on building long-term relationships with all my clients by delivering the work as requested at a competitive price.

If you have any queries, please reach out to me and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

PDF books writing

Content formats:

Why ecommerce needs content marketing

Needs item 1

Publish content that people actually want to read

Needs item 2

Educate customers about your products

Needs item 3

Transform readers into engaged customers

Content that works to grow your
ecommerce business

Category pages are where many buyers start their customer journey. SEO-friendly content on your category pages helps them find your store and see if the product categories you offer are what they seek.

Product descriptions with rich, keyword-sensitive details can ensure that a potential buyer learns everything they want to know before deciding to hit the “Buy” button.

Amazon has some very specific rules about how you present your content, whether you are an OEM, Brand, or Third Party Seller. Our Amazon content specialists make sure your content is fully optimized for the Amazon search algorithm.

Special promotion emails, abandoned cart emails, customer appreciation emails… tell us what you need and we take care of it.

There’s no technical writing challenge that our pro writers can’t handle. (Short of rocket science, perhaps!) But if you need a set of FAQs, size or weight capacities, or use instructions — no problem.

Sale Pamphlets Persuasive writing is our bread and butter. We put your best foot forward and make sure your sales materials present your value proposition in terms a customer will understand.

User Tips Tricks Hacks Engage your target market with useful content that your buyers are looking for. Help them solve their problems with tips, tricks, and hacks, and at the same time, strengthen customer relationships.

Checklists Easy-to-read and always helpful, checklists can empower your audience to be more effective and efficient in their lives. Publish this type of content on your blog or provide them as resource material.

Trends Be a source for industry updates and trends. When you regularly publish content featuring the latest and greatest, your audience will know where to turn when they want to know what’s going on in your niche.

White Pagers Establish your brand as an industry thought leader with well-researched white papers. This type of content is also excellent for generating leads; use it as a lead magnet to encourage customers to sign up for your mailing list.

Case Studies To help buyers make a purchase decision, give them social proof so they know your products are worthwhile. Use case studies to demonstrate how your products have helped other customers and to build trust in your business.

Blog Posts Educate potential buyers with high-quality blog posts featuring industry insights, how-to content, inspiration, and more. Blogs are one of the most effective tools ecommerce businesses have for generating leads and boosting customer loyalty.

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