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Fully Automated Website

  Fully Automated Website - Profitable  Friendly  $65 What you get with this Offer Design a 100% automated website as a revenue stream.  Have you really wanted to start your own website with no hassle? This website is the best  to make easy money with no hassle,  no maintenance, just set up. provide a way.  And the best part about this deal is that you can monetize it with Amazon Associates. The entire sales and after-sales process is handled by Amazon. Every time a reader visits your girlfriend's website and makes a purchase, you can also receive  affiliate commissions and monetize  with other ad networks.  makes a lot of money, so don't think about getting this site before anyone else. Coffee Website DIY Website Gadgets Website Career Website Travel Booking Website Finance Website Fitness Website Golf Website Funny Videos Website Weight Loss Website Cooking Website Games News Website Survival Website Yoga Website Self Improvement Website Home Tools Website SEO & Traffic S

Translate from English into German/ German into English

  Translate from English into German/ German into English $25 What you get with this Offer With this offer you get: You can translate up to 500 words of text from English to German or from German to English. Additional words are charged at 500 words per hour.    German, native English) and as a freelance translator he has over 10 years experience. My past clients include the UK Home Office, German and UK police, Amazon and numerous small businesses. Current feedback is on my profile.   What the Freelancer needs to start the work   You must provide a Word or Excel file containing the content to be translated. When invoicing, we also need your full name (company name) .

Translate English to Spanish up to 500 words

  Translate English to Spanish  up to 500 words  $15 What you get with this Offer English to Spanish --- Spanish to English If you have any questions please ask before you buy   Translate up to 500 words from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Translations are professionally done and proofread twice before sending.   * websites (please provide the text in documents) * letters * books * articles * e-mails * and a lot more Please submit your documents in proper English or Spanish. If the English or Spanish text contains too many mistakes that confuse the meaning the translation will become increasingly difficult. I do not offer translations of "terms and conditions" unless it is just a small part of a larger order as legalese is time consuming. If you want a website to be translated please provide me with the website's text in documents. Scrubbing websites for the text is inefficient. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK THESE BEFORE YOU BUY What the

english voice over Translate 2000 words or more English to English vice over

  Translate 2000 words or more English to english and vice over  By hiring me you won't find the lowest rates, but an expert in the field who always delivers great results. ** You will not have to pay for the same work twice or even more never again! ** If you want to achieve success by cooperating with me, please use one of the buttons at the top of the page to contact me. I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. ** TRANSLATION SERVICES  voice over** - Marketing & PR - IT Localization (Software/Web/Mobile) - Beauty and Medical - General Business - Legal - Literature  My translations are always 100% manual and proofread to meet the highest standards   The price stands for general translation up to 2000 words.  !!! If you need any additional services or larger projects, please do not hesitate to contact me for a quotation and availability !!! Looking forward to work with you!      2000 words english voice over $90 I can additional 500 words Additional 1 working day + $ 25

Translate 500 words from English to Spanish

  Translate 500 words from English to Spanish What you get with this Offer Wanting to reach out to new Spanish speaking customers with a bilingual site, or to adapt your products to a new audience? Or maybe you're just two steps away from closing a deal and you need an outstanding translation of your contract to be taken seriously? Convincing a customer to buy one of your products depends on how effective your communication media are... This is also and I would say even more so, true with a foreign language! If you need a quick, yet accurate translation, look no further! For more than seven years, I've worked for major companies with subjects related to many different fields and provide Spanish versions for websites and SEO articles. I'm very careful about grammar and punctuation and will see that your document is translated to a good standard. I will provide the translation in a word document, excel or pdf. Purchase one “Hourlie” per 500 words and you will receive within 2

Create a brand book for your brand

  Create a brand book for your brand What you get with this Offer PPH's TOP SELLER FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS! - OVER 10000 HOURLIES SOLD WITH 100% FEEDBACK - THIS IS OUR BRAND NEW HOURLIE! WE ARE THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST ON PPH We are a UK based network, perfectly positioned to help you and your company make the most out of marketing and SEO. Through detailed research and analysis we are able to direct your product at the audience that it’s most likely to generate revenue from. We specialise in increasing your online reputation and credibility, throughout the world, so you can enjoy better visibility and exposure via search engines. We will create a brand book of up to 12 pages for your brand or website, we will add brand's mission, core values and products. We will also add social media icons and website url if any. Don't spend your evenings and weekends pulling your hair out - leave all the hard work to us. A cautionary note - Pleas

Chat box, chat gpt, api integration for social media page

  Chat box, chat gpt, api integration for social media page What you get with this Offer AI CHATBOX | AP INTEGRATION | CHAT GPT | WEBSITE | Social Media Page ------------------ Are you sick of manually developing material for your WordPress website and putting it there or of communicating with customers via social media? I'm  Social media AI expert with experience of 8+ years :) ~~I'll use a tailored script or plugin that makes use of the GPT-3 API to assist you in automating the process. Integrated chatbot for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other messaging applications used by your company. The chatbot may be linked to OpenAI's API via Group messages and ChatGPT, enabling it to respond to messages and client inquiries intelligently. Whether you are online or not, Our chatbot can be customized to fit your specific needs. :)Use a chatbot for your business and enjoy the advantages. :) What  i needs to start the work • Can you share your social media links? • Do you have a

Write contract / agreement

  Write contract / agreement What you get with this Offer I will write Contract or Agreement for you.. **Exclusively offered on PPH** 1. Deed of sale, lease, 2. Rent Agreement, 3. MOA, 4. Loans, 5. Renovation contract, 6. Mortgage, 7. EULA, 8. Terms, 9. Policy, etc... name it, I can write 'em for you.. my law degree gives me an edge... ***note that these are not ready made forms, I made them myself*** check also my extras... Get more with Offer Add-ons I can make your contract more professional Additional 1 working day + $ 63 I can write a complete starting business contract / business contract kit Additional 1 working day + $ 94 I can write you basic Employees Handbook/Company Policy/By-laws Additional 1 working day + $ 125 I can deliver all work in 1 working day + $ 63 What i needs to start the work Please buy the gig and extras as required and provide a little background of both the parties and indicate what the contract is all about. I will follow up if any further information