Read and write a review of any book


Read and write a review of any book

What you get with this Offer

*Not available for Amazon, as the site has strict policies against paid reviews or even reviews that are compensated with the price/gifting of the book*

No matter how quality a book is, it takes that first reader to spark a craze. A book with a single review will garter more attention than book with none – even if the quality is the same.

I can read any book (fiction and nonfiction, with no limitations in genre) and write an honest, detailed review. My review will critique the overall plot as well as the strong points in the story (characterization, world building, writing style, etc.) without spoiling the book.

As a professional writer and editor, I have ghost written several novels and nonfiction books, and have my name proudly brandished on dozens of stories I’ve helped reach the finish line. With this experience, I have the skills and insights to craft an engaging review and also pick out the most satisfying parts of your story with an expert eye.

I will post the review to Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and most other sites you'd like. My price is for the review itself; the price of the book will be added to the escrow separately before I begin reading.

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day


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